Business hours Monday - Friday | 08:00 - 17:00


(1) Roles: Contact customs department, specialized management agencies to complete customs clearance procedures within 12 hours

(2) Report directly to: Head of Operations Department

(3) Benefits:

  1. Basic salary from 300$ – 500$; Seniority bonus 12 million VND/year; Working-trip allowance;
  2. Payment for social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premiums on the real salary; Holidays according to regulations;
  3. Training activities, extracurricular activities, annual vacation.

(4) Main responsibilities:

  1. Work directly with customs officers to complete customs clearance procedures in 12 hours;
  2. Direct contact with specialized agencies to complete customs clearance documents;
  3. Delivery and receipt of goods at the port/airport and handover to container trucks and trucks;
  4. Direct contact with customers to deliver/receive sets of documents, tokens, advances, etc.
  5. Work with shipping lines, agents (F.F) to receive documents.

(5) Necessary competencies/Qualities:

  1. Graduated from Vocational School/College; Have knowledge about import and export; Can read and write English (The company will train necessary skills and knowledge);
  2. Good health; Do sports; No car sickness; Have a motorbike driver’s license;
  3. Time and work management skills; Communication and problem-solving skills;
  4. Honest; Careful; Enthusiast; Progressive (listenable);
  5. Get along with the ONEX Logistics Culture.

(6) Personnel profile sent to: email []

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV); Copy of household registration; Identity card;
  2. Driver’s license (Certified by the locality; Notarized copy);
    Application letter;
  3. Transcripts and diplomas (Notarized copies).

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