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Understanding Gen Z success to overcome the crisis

(A discussion of ONEX Logistics on Vietnam Logistics Review)

Dear staff members,

Basically our goal when going to work is for passion or for money. And so is ONEX Logistics.

From the very beginning, the founding members of ONEX Logistics chose to approach their goals with knowledge, experience and respectfully promote the supportive relationships that the community offers. ONEX is ready to give opportunities to fresh graduates who do not have much experience and lack of skills, but ONEX only welcomes employees who have a positive, progressive attitude in work, frankness and clear commitment with the organization.

When you feel unmotivated, have a conversation with your manager and boldly look for what you love, otherwise love what you're doing. No job is easy but we can make it easier by improving every day, and when our work motivation is not only for money but also for love, we will become experts in our field, thereby contributing back to building a better community, a better life.

Thanks and Regards,
Vo Thanh Tu - CEO of ONEX Logistics


  • Attitude: is the general totality of outward expressions by facial expressions, gestures, words, actions of thoughts and feelings towards someone or something;
  • Progressive: desire to improve oneself;
  • Improvement: modified for somewhat more advanced. (For example technical improvement, management improvement, relationship improvement);
  • Commitment: think carefully before making a promise and promise to do what is promised.