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If you are looking for quality, durable carton packaging, ONEX Logistics has the best carton packaging options for you. With our vast experience in providing the best products in the logistics industry, ONEX Logistics is proud to offer you a solution for packaging goods shipped in carton packaging.

When using carton packaging at ONEX Logistics, we guarantee that you will be supported with maximum technical parameters corresponding to each type and demand for different goods. Ensure the highest safety for goods and goods intact during transport.

ONEX carton boxes are very careful with each supplier. Carton boxes can be manufactured according to size and quality, suitable for many different model business models such as fruit packaging carton box, food packaging carton box, stationary packaging carton box, general packaging carton box.

Some standard of carton packaging:

  • 5-layer or 3-layer packaging;
  • Corrugated carton type A, wave B, wave C or wave E;
  • High * horizontal * high size;
  • There is no waterproof;
  • Parameters in packaging paper industry.

Specifications of layers:

  • Bursting Strength;
  • Basic weight;
  • Thickness;
  • Smoothness;
  • Density;
  • Dimensional Stability;
  • Ash content;
  • Moisture content;
  • Iso brightness;
  • Air permeability;
  • Test of Carton Compression;
  • Ring Crush Tester For Paper;
  • Compressive Strength.

Compression strength (CS - Compression Strength) is calculated by using the Load Stacking method (SL - Stacking Load). Load stack is calculated by the capability of loading that the carton is expected to endure at any point of time in the future.

To determine the load, it is necessary to check the highest height that the carton is stacked on top of each other, which can be calculated by warehouse height or height in transportation.

For example:

The outline below shows the calculation of height when overlapping 10 boxes, each of which weighs 20 kg.

Stack load = (Number of Cartons in stack - 1) x total gross weight
= (10 - 1) x 20 kg (per carton)
= 9 x 20 kg
= 180 kg

180 kg is the load that the lowest carton will bear during storage or transport. Therefore the compression strength of the carton must be equal to or greater than the load of 180kg to ensure no collapse occurs.

Therefore, Compression Strength = Stack load x Safety factor (2 to 5)

ONEX carton boxes are done very carefully, working in detail with each supplier, ensuring that the standard processes are followed in the production unit to bring satisfaction to customers.