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Price consultation is the fact that the manager wants to re-determine the price of one or more import/export goods of the enterprise, in order to ensure the price of the state's tax collection and the duty of the enterprise.

To ensure price consultations that bring the best to customers, ONEX Logistics needs to understand the most deeply about businesses, ensuring "negotiation" of price consultations with specialized knowledge of customs combined the business knowledge of the enterprise, while building an image for customers as a professional import/export business before managers.

Some ONEX Logistics items will exchange with customers:

  • Documents of imported / exported shipments;
  • Business operation model and import purpose of goods;
  • The value of goods of previous entries;
  • The value of goods on the market and the business model of identical or similar companies;
  • Sales policy of the exporting country.

Some specialized information to refer:

Issued in Decision No. 2770 / QD-BTC dated December 25, 2015

1. Implementation order:

Step 1: Customs declarants and organizations submit dossiers of consultation requests

Step 2: Customs authorities:

  • Receiving consultation documents
  • Check files and vouchers submitted by customs declarants to clarify the suspected signs of declared values
  • Prepare consultation minutes: specify the conclusions in the consultation minutes under one of the cases "insufficient basis to reject the declared value", or "sufficient basis to reject the declared value", or " sufficient basis to reject the declared value but the customs declarer does not accept it”.

Step 3: Parties participating in the consultations sign the consultation minutes

2. How to do it: Directly at the customs office

3. Composition and number of records:

Composition of documents: Documents and documents relevant to the method of determining customs value of export and import goods.

Number of files: 01 copy

4. Processing time: 30 days from the date of customs declaration registration.

5. Subjects of administrative procedures implementation: Customs declaration organizations and individuals request consultations.

6. Agency implementing administrative procedures:

Competent authorities decide: Customs Department.

Authorized agency or authorized person (if any): No

Agency directly implementing administrative procedures: Customs Department.