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Signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) between ONEX Logistics and CT Strategies

ONEX Logistics and CT Strategies (CTS), a consulting company from Washington DC,
USA have officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote the activities
of the two sides.

According to the cooperation agreement signed by the leaders of the two companies on
May 4, 2023, ONEX Logistics and CT Strategies will provide services that help Vietnamese
companies in improving capacity and international technical support in the field of Customs
modernization, border management, trade facilitation, development and management of Free
Trade Zone (FTZ) especially consulting C-TPAT program to whom has import-export
activities with the US market; connect and introduce businesses implementing the program
Priority Enterprise – Mutual Recognition Agreement (AEO-MRA), C-TPAT with direct
consultancy and support from CTS – a company based in USA.
Mr. Vo Thanh Tu, CEO of ONEX Logistics, said that the cooperation with CT Strategies
will help ONEX Logistics customers in particular and Vietnamese enterprises in general who
want to expand/develop their business with the US market in the more favorable way.
“Our exporters have a need for being advised, training and above all, customers need to be
protected under legal rights when there is a dispute with related parties or when facing
difficulties in customs clearance. The purpose is to facilitate goods trading in the US market,”
said Mr. Tu.
Andrew Farrelly is the CEO of CT Strategies, which provides strategic services to clients
seeking current and innovative insight into border management and supply chain challenges in
the U.S. and around the world. While in government, Andrew devoted himself to the
strengthening of United States security interests through an accomplished career with U.S
Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
During his time with CBP, he significantly developed the operational standards and efficiency
as a former Director of Targeting Programs for CBP’s National Targeting Center, as well as in
his most recent role as the Chief of Staff for the Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and
Border Protection.
Mr. Tran Thoang is the CEO of CT Strategies Vietnam and Senior Customs Specialist of the
USAID Trade Facilitation Program (TFP). Having worked for many years in the Customs,
Ministry of Justice and Government Offices and is the consultant on customs, trade
facilitation for EU projects, World Bank (WB), USAID said. “Vietnam exports a lot of goods
to the US, but many exporters still don’t fully understand the effects of C-TPAT; With my
knowledge, experience and relationships, I am very willing to cooperate with ONEX Logistics
as well as their partners and associations to organize training and seminars on C-TPAT,
Customs, and Trade facilitation; about the benefits of free trade zones (FTZs) that help
facilitate business activities and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, reduce investment
and production costs through the import tax, export tax exemption/reduction and maximum
support for customs procedures to be handled in the effortless and most convenient way”.

ONEX Logistics Team