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The role of transport in the freight

Fabrics can download an important function, especially in the transportation of goods. Any process of social production also requires the participation of transport. No transport is not possible to download the xuat.Van essential for all stages the production process, from input when transporting materials, fuels, materials for production processes the output is exported to the stage of finished products shipped after manufacture.

Trucking serves as a lifeblood of the economy

Transport is the lifeblood of the economy, transportation help connecting all branches and production units together, linking production areas to consumption areas, linking urban and rural areas, as opposed to domain domain downstream. Contribute to the economy become a unified block. The development of productive forces and the level of specialization leads to the continuous development of transport services.

Logistics means a closed cycle of movement from raw materials to finished products. From the start of production to final consumption area. Logistics consists of 4 elements: transportation, marketing, distribution and management, of which transport is the most important factor and accounts for most costs. The selection of forms of transport, reasonable mode of transport will help to save costs and ensure product price is best, competitive to consumers. This is also an important contributing factor in the decision to succeed in the field of production of the company, business,…

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