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According to the Ministry of Public Security, dangerous goods - DG are substances or compounds that may cause harm to life, human health, the environment, safety and national security.

In the logistics industry, regulations on the safety of goods must be strictly adhered to. Therefore, goods need to be inspected, classified and packed in accordance with regulations, especially dangerous goods. For goods that are likely to be dangerous goods, senders need to provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Safety data sheet. Typically, the analysis consists of 16 sections, written in English and overlapped. Therefore, a thorough understanding of chemicals is the key to help you easily and quickly complete this document.

On the other hand, customers also need to pay attention to the license of transporting dangerous goods. Each type of goods will be used for different purposes and managed by different ministries and branches. Therefore, depending on the dangerous goods will be licensed by the appropriate agency.

ONEX provide services included:

  1. Preliminary examine the legality and validity of MSDS;
  2. Check the conformity of MSDS and goods (must have enough product photos);
  3. Implement packaging according to IATA standards;
  4. Handle DG by air;
  5. For goods with batteries, ONEX advice packing, checking the uniformity between documents and actual goods;
  6. Consulting, packing DG goods sent by DHL service.

Based on the extensive experience gained through many years of working in logistics, the knowledge is trained according to IATA standards and enthusiastic staff, ONEX Logistics ensures compliance with the standards of dangerous goods. Providing advisory services to identify the most dangerous and correct goods for customers, work and communicate with related organizations including transportation and storage in accordance with real standards and regulations are specified.